000. Spin Cycle

He’d met with Beaujolais and Menlow the week before he took over as Chief Spin Doctor, and Prime Minister Axminster had laid out for him what he thought was the best approach.

Of course his real boss was the Department running the Ministry Of Information, and The Ministry Of Disinformation. Tendrel had interned at both, for a time, unbeknownst to those in charge of the Departments.

Beaujolais had shown him the playbook for The Department Of Environmental Programming; he had told him about Homeplus; he had told him many things, some of which he knew instantly he wished he had not heard, and did not feel reassured when he signed the paper Beaujolais handed him. Beaujolais had him on the back foot.

Menlow was a very cold fish. He seemed perfectly suited for running The Artist Suppression Program, and he said he had a few tips he might be able to throw his way. Tendrel thanked him – he thought of his profession as a more gentle art of manipulation, rather than what these men were doing.

He had met with King Ander’s man, Montalban, to get the lowdown on how the oldest institution in the country did it as well; it was intriguing. Throughout it all though, he realized that he had to find his own personal style, and there were plenty of people to learn from.

As a child he had sketched out and drawn huge fantasies of where he wanted the country to go, and while he didn’t determine policy, he did have the ear of the Prime Minister, and could shaped the message. In some ways, given how powerful image and the media were, were he an arrogant person, he might fancy himself to be the most powerful man in the government. He laughed – he would never express that sentiment to anyone else … never; he might find himself in a very sticky situation if that was ever communicated to any of the men he had talked to recently.

He sat there in his office and he wondered what the first story he would have to handle was going to be. He was strangely hoping for something big – something controversial; something to flex his muscles with. He would see.